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About Us

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The Difference Between Style and Fashion is Quality

From the time she was a little girl, Christa knew that her clothing was a form a self expression.  After her Mother, Lil, asked her to change into her play clothes when she got home from school, she walked down the stairs in her Easter dress, patent shoes, and handbag and Lil just shook her head perplexed.  "I thought I asked you to put your play clothes on," Lil said.  Christa looked just as perplexed and said, "but I did, Mom."  
Christa's daughter, Vivi, has her own natural affinity for fashion.  

We operate our business under these guiding principles:

  • Quality over quantity.  Always.  
  • Why pay full price?  
  • We strive for efficient, uncompromising, sincere, fabulous, caring, and exceptional service.

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